Calcium and Phosphate Transport Across Biomembranes

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Calcium and Phosphate Transport Across Biomembranes

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Calcium and Phosphate Transport Across Biomembranes is a collection of papers presented at the 1981 Calcium and Phosphate Transport Across Biomembranes international workshop held in Vienna, Austria. Contributors from a wide range of disciplines explore the intracellular role of calcium and phosphate and their transport into and out of the body through the intestine and the kidney. In particular, they describe calcium movement in the cell and across the plasma membrane, along with phosphate transport into the cell, particularly, at the brush border.
Organized into 10 sections encompassing 53 chapters, this collection begins with an overview of the mechanisms underlying the net movements of calcium in the cell and plasma membrane. The discussion then shifts to the crystal structure of calmodulin, the phosphate transport in the mitochondria, the mechanisms for calcium extrusion, the calcium uptake by brush border membranes, and the possible role of the mitochondria in intracellular calcium regulation. The book also introduces the discussion on mitochondrial calcium transport protein, polypeptide and amine hormone regulation of calcium fluxes, mechanism of secretion by cultured pituitary cells, and regulation of the tubular transport of phosphate. A chapter that assesses the effects of vitamin D and insulin on phosphate transport in the differentiating chick small intestine concludes the book.
This collection of papers will be of interest to scientists, neurochemists, physiologists, pharmacologists, biochemists, gastroenterologists, nutritionists, and pathophysiologists.
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