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The Principles and Practice of Human Physiology

561 pages


The Principles and Practice of Human Physiology reflects the progress of human physiology and presents developments through instrumentation and field work. This book is a continuation of previous texts on human physiology and survival, but focuses more on the aspect of human endeavor.
The text comprises of 12 chapters with an additional article at the beginning (written by one of the authors) and a postscript regarding human experimentation and the ethics of it. Chapter 1 lays the foundation with a discussion on the history of human physiology. The succeeding chapters tackle and focus on aspects of physiology such as work, thermal, underwater, locomotor and postural, and stress. A chapter on instrumentation and physiological measurements is also featured in the text.
The book will be a good source of valuable information to many students and professionals in the field of physiology, biology, medicine, and pharmacology.

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