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The Porphyrins V7: Biochemistry, Part B

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The Porphyrins, Volume VII: Biochemistry, Part B is devoted to the biochemistry of porphyrins, their precursors, and related compounds. The book covers the structure and function of the major heme proteins and their reconstitution and metal substitution, along with proteins derived from green photosynthetic bacteria.
This volume is organized into 11 chapters and begins with an introduction to the cytochrome oxidase, paying particular attention to its isolation and characterization as well as biosynthesis. The discussion then turns to the electron transfer functions of cytochromes b and c; the structure of cytochrome c; and the proposed structures for peroxidases, catalases, and chloroperoxidase. The following chapters explore the biochemical mechanism and control of the catalytic function of cytochrome P-450 and associated electron transport chains, metal substitution in hemoglobin and myoglobin, and reconstitution experiments on various hemoproteins with particular attention to the removal of heme and reassembly into a heme-protein complex, along with protein folding around the heme.
This book will be of interest to inorganic, organic, physical, and biochemists involved in the study of the biochemistry of porphyrins.

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