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The Biochemistry and Physiology of Tetrahymena

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The Biochemistry and Physiology of Tetrahymena presents a review of the literature covering the physiology and biochemistry of the ciliate genus Tetrahymena, of which Tetrahymena pyriformis is the most studied species.
Organized into 10 parts, this book first provides basic information about Tetrahymena, which is found in almost any body of water and is so unusual that one can debate quite rationally as to whether it is an animal or a plant. Other chapters are restricted to specific subjects about this organism, namely, carbohydrate, lipid, energy, protein, amino acid, purine, pyrimidine, and nucleic acid metabolism. The organism’s biochemical genetics, vitamin and inorganic requirements, and evolution are also shown. This book also explores the effect of radiation, drugs, and hydrostatic pressure on Tetrahymena.
The documented information presented in this book will be sufficient to stimulate even more interest in the organism.

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