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Microbiological Assay: An Introduction to quantitative principles and Evaluation

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Microbiological Assay: An Introduction to Quantitative Principles and Evaluation aims to provide an introduction to the principles of microbiological assay, assay design, and calculation procedures.
Organized into nine chapters, this book begins with the philosophy of biological assay, as well as the method’s basic techniques, principles, mechanization, automation, purpose, reference standards, specifications, and reports. It also looks into the preparation of test solutions of standard and sample. Some chapters follow explaining the specific methods, such as agar diffusion assay and tube assay; others explore the statistical evaluation of these assays. Features of assay design, such as replication, number of dose levels, and spacing of dose levels, are also described.
This book will serve as an elementary introduction to this field of interest to help encourage a less empirical approach to the subject.

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