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Nonaqueous Electrolytes Handbook

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Nonaqueous Electrolytes Handbook, Volume II, is an authoritative and updated information source for nonaqueous solvent systems. The information in this handbook covers literature to 1973 and includes data for some 310 solvent systems.

This volume has been organized to include 11 well-defined areas: Solubilities of Electrolytes; EMF and Potentiometric Titrations; Vapor Pressures; Cryoscopy; Heats of Solution Calorimetry; Polarography; Ligand Exchange Rates and Electrode Reactions; Electrical Double Layer; Spectroscopy and Structure of Electrolytes; Organic Electrolyte Battery Systems; and Additional References and Data Sources. The section on polarography is divided further according to inorganic electrolytes, organic electrolytes, and organometallic compounds, in order to present the wealth of data in a concise and orderly manner. As in Volume I, the last section covers additional data sources, reviews, and data and references that were received too late to include in the earlier sections. The method of presentation of material is briefly described in the introduction to each section to facilitate the use of the tabulated information and bibliographies are given at the end of each section. A Compound Index is included.

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