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Fish As Food V3: Processing: Part 1

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Fish as Food, Volume III: Processing: Part I presents wise fish utilization and efficient processing. This volume is organized into 13 chapters that describe specific processing methods for specific fish product.
The first four chapters of the book describe the theoretical and practical aspects, appraisal, and features of fish drying and dehydration, smoking, and salting. Core chapters deal with the production, properties, and shelf-life of some fish products, such as fish marinades, anchovies, dried seafood, whale products, and fish sausage and soluble. A chapter discusses happenings in technical and industrial aspects, focusing on the commercial developments of fisheries and fish processing in individual countries. The concluding chapter discusses the basic principles of fish meal industry, the important industrial methods, and the nutritive value in relation to manufacturing details of fish meal.
Food scientists, technologists, researchers, and manufacturers will find this volume invaluable.

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