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Infrared Absorption Spectra (1964)

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Infrared Absorption Spectra: Index for 1958-1962 provides a five-year supplement to the original “Infrared Absorption Spectra: Index for 1945-1957. The chief aim of this index is to provide a means for the location of published absorption spectra and the listing has been kept as simple as possible.
This index includes 66 journals and one collection of spectra in book form as compared with 33 journals and one book in the original. It contains approximately 20,000 references to infrared absorption spectra published during 1958-1962. The index is arranged according to the compounds whose spectra are given. The indexing arrangement is roughly similar to that used in Chemical Abstracts, although it has not been practical to conform to Chemical Abstracts nomenclature throughout. Listings are made based on the parent substance, while in the case of inorganic compounds, solution spectra are normally indexed according to the ionic species, which contributes the significant absorption. The spectra of polymeric materials are listed in proper alphabetical order according to the parent compound. The provided tables give a complete list of the volumes and corresponding years of the journals covered and also a list of the abbreviations used. Each reference consists of an abbreviated symbol for the journal, the volume number, and the page.

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