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Organizational Biosynthesis

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Organizational Biosynthesis focuses on the organized biosynthesis of the bacterial chromosome and examines the fundamental aspects of this process. This book discusses the basic particles of biology, which are explored in terms of organizational biosynthetic events at the molecular level.
Organized into 10 parts encompassing 45 chapters, this book starts with an overview of how cellular components recognize, coordinate, and interact with each other during cellular division and genetic recombination. This text then examines the biochemical experiments with bacteria, which strongly suggest the participation of a particulate fraction. Other chapters consider the molecular basis for the physical continuity of the chromosome. This book discusses as well the result of the experiments for bacteria, which shows that DNA replication can proceed only after both template strands of the replicating molecule attach to the cell. The final chapter deals with protein biosynthesis system in mitochondria.
This book is a valuable resource for biologists and biochemists.

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