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The Proteins Composition, Structure, and Function V2

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The Proteins: Composition, Structure, and Function, Second Edition, Volume II deals with fundamental properties of proteins, both in solution and in the solid state. This volume consists of five chapters that specifically cover the advances in understanding the structure and function of the protein molecule.
The opening chapter presents interpretative procedures of experimental methods for determining protein conformation using X-ray crystallography, followed by an examination of the acid-base dissociations of proteins. The discussion then shifts to the investigation of interactions between protein molecules and other macromolecules, which is of significant importance in providing a chemical basis for many biological processes. A chapter considers first the synthesis, purification, and chemical properties of the polyamino acids. This chapter further describes their physicochemical properties in the solid state, in solution, and at interfaces, and lastly discusses their biological properties as high molecular weight substrates for proteolytic enzymes and as synthetic antigens, and their interaction with proteins and nucleic acids, with viruses, bacteria, blood components, and other biological systems. The use of polyamino acids in the study of the genetic code and the preparation and properties of polypeptidyl proteins are also covered. The concluding chapter focuses on X-ray analysis of protein structure.
Organic chemists, biochemists, and researchers in protein-related fields will find this book invaluable

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