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Physical Methods in Heterocyclic Chemistry V6

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Physical Methods in Heterocyclic Chemistry, Volume VI discusses several topics including bond energies, electron-spin resonance, microwave spectroscopy, and photoelectron spectroscopy. This book explores the thermochemical applications to heterocyclic chemistry.
Comprised of five chapters, this volume starts with an overview of the technique of photoelectron spectroscopy. This text then illustrates the various potentialities of photoelectron spectroscopy by discussing four examples taken from the field of heterocyclic compounds. Other chapters determine the magnitudes as well as the lines of action of electric dipole moments in the molecular framework. This book discusses as well the emission of light by individual molecules in solution, particularly heterocyclic molecules, which are electronically excited as a result of the absorption of visible or ultraviolet light. The final chapter deals with the aspects of heats of combustion, heats of hydrogenation, heats of formation, and bond energies.
Heterocyclic chemists, chemists, biochemists, molecular biologists, and researchers will find this book extremely useful.

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