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Biochemical Actions of Hormones V9

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Biochemical Actions of Hormones, Volume IX is an 11-chapter text that provides the developments in the theoretical and experimental understanding of hormonal actions and regulation.
After presenting an overview of research on peptide and steroid hormones, this volume goes on exploring the lipotropins and their active degradation products, as well as the adenylate cyclase enzyme regulation by adrenergic receptors. These topics are followed by discussions on the potassium ion conductance in the pancreatic beta cell; the concept of the insulin sensitive chemoreceptor of the central nervous system; the estrogen-induced growth factors and their role in tumor cell growth; and the nuclear acceptors for the avian progesterone receptor. Other chapters consider the structural aspects of steroid hormones and their receptors, with an emphasis on the importance of pyridoxal phosphate research studies on a better understanding of the steroid receptors function. This book also looks into an affinity label for glucocorticoid receptors and the development of a polyclonal antibody for this receptor. The concluding chapter emphasizes the regulation of the steroid sulfotransferases.
This volume will be of great value to biologists, biochemists, and researchers who are interested in the biochemical aspects of hormones.

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