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The Vestibular System

390 pages


The Vestibular System is a collection of papers presented at the 1973 Symposium on the Vestibular System, organized and held at the University of Chicago. This symposium provides a body of reviews and observations on the anatomical, physiological, and clinical aspects of the vestibular system.
This book is composed of seven parts encompassing 28 chapters. The first part focuses on the ultrastructure of the peripheral organs and the vestibular pathways to the cerebellum, the spinal cord, and the nuclei of the extraocular muscles. The subsequent part presents the basic information on knowledge of peripheral mechanisms and the functional relations between the vestibular system, cerebellum, oculomotor system, spinal cord and cortex. These topics are followed by descriptions of vestibular disorders induced by a variety of influences or procedures, such as nuclear lesions, motion sickness, and drugs. The next section describes the methods of testing vestibular function, such as electronystagmography. This section serves as an introduction to a panel discussion on eye movements. Lastly, reviews and points of view on peripheral and central vestibular disorders are covered in the remaining sections.
This work is of great benefit to anatomists, physiologists, and clinicians.

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