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Applied superconductivity

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Applied Superconductivity, Volume 1 serves as a reference material to existing superconductivity techniques and a guide to future research. This book deals with electronic application, as well as radiation detection in superconducting films.
Organized into five chapters, this volume begins with an overview of superconductivity, particularly the superconducting elements that exhibit an intrinsic quantum electronic behavior. This book then discusses the critical values of the parameters of all superconductive materials, which include the magnetic field, current density, and temperature. Other chapters examine the dynamic and static characteristics of several bolometers. This text also compares the sensitivity of the nonthermal current mode with other wavelength detectors. The final chapter explores the practical thermodynamics of refrigeration and low-temperature refrigeration techniques.
This book is intended for those seeking to enrich their background in the physics of superconductivity. Students and researchers in any branch of physics and engineering will find this book extremely useful.

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