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Spectroscopy in Inorganic Chemistry V2

280 pages


Spectroscopy in Inorganic Chemistry, Volume II is a collection of research studies on some of the spectroscopic methods and areas of inorganic chemistry in which spectroscopy has been used effectively. This book is divided into seven chapters that present the status reports and potentialities in the fields of study.

Each chapter outlines the theoretical and experimental aspects, as well as the application to a specific field of the analytical method. The first three chapters deal with the molecular structure determination by neutron and X-ray diffraction, high-pressure vibrational spectroscopy, and electronic Raman transitions of rare earth ions. Other chapters explore the potential of electron spin resonance spectroscopy for inorganic radical and radical ion determination, as well as the application of electron spin resonance for coordination compound analysis. The remaining chapters examine the use of electronic spectroscopy for organometalloid study and the fluorescence and laser action in rare earth chelates.

This book is intended primarily for analytical and inorganic chemists and spectroscopists who are interested in inorganic systems.

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