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Proteolysis and Physiological Regulation

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Miami Winter Symposia, Volume 11: Proteolysis and Physiological Regulation contains the proceedings of the University of Miami's Biochemistry Department Symposium on "Proteolysis and Physiological Regulation", which is published simultaneously with the proceedings of the Papanicolaou Cancer Research Institute's Symposium on "Cancer Enzymology" (Volume 12).

This volume is composed of 35 chapters and begins with surveys of the structural properties and role of various enzymes in biological regulation. The subsequent chapters describe the structure-activity relationship, cellular production, selectivity, mechanisms, and substrate specificity of the enzymes. Other chapters explore the activation, regulation, biosynthesis, and other biological activities of other enzymes. The remaining chapters discuss property modification, metabolism, binding, and other biological aspects of enzymes.

This book will prove useful to enzyme scientists, cell biologists, biochemists, and researchers.

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