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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Shift Reagents

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Nuclear Magnetic Shift Reagents presents the proceedings of the Symposium on the Chemistry of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Shift Reagents, held in Dallas, Texas, on April 9–11, 1973. This book discusses the fundamental aspects of shift reagent chemistry as well as the physical and chemical properties of shift reagents.
Comprised of 16 chapters, this compilation of papers starts with an overview of the deuterium isotope effect in lanthanide shifts. This text then examines the variations in coordination geometries for chemically equivalent molecules of shift reagent-substrate complexes in the solid state, which illustrate the ease with which changes occur in the coordination sphere of lanthanide complexes. Other chapters discuss the dipolar nature of proton resonance shifts in lanthanide shift reagent systems. This book considers as well the feasibility of using chiral shift reagents. The final chapter deals with the effects of chemical equilibrium and adduct stoichiometry in studies of shift reagent.
Chemists, biochemists, and molecular physicists will find this book useful.

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