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Molecular Approaches to Gene Expression and Protein Structure

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Molecular Approaches to Gene Expression and Protein Structure documents the proceedings of the international symposium ""Gene and Protein Structure"" held in conjunction with the 22nd annual meeting of the Chilean Society of Biology at the campus of the Universidad Austral de Chile in Valdivia, Chile, December 1979. Organized by the Chilean Society of Biology, the symposium was designed not only to explore the concepts involved in the evolution of genes and protein structure but to bring together scientists from the United States and their counterparts from the Chilean academic institutions.
The subject matter presented in this book reflects the research interests and experiences of the participating authors. The emphasis, in general, is on molecular and regulatory processes and cellular control mechanisms. The chapters include reviews on selected areas of interest written in a manner intelligible to newcomers to biological research, and present an in-depth analysis of the work with a balanced presentation of facts, concepts, and projections.

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