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Physiology of Metabolism

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The Biochemistry of Plants, Volume 12: Physiology of Metabolism focuses on plant biochemistry, with emphasis on the metabolism of plants. This book discusses the organizational resistance to account for changes in the rate of respiration that both cells and organs undertake.
Organized into two parts encompassing eight chapters, this volume starts with an overview of the microtubule structure and function in plant cell biology. This book then discusses the presence of microtubular structures in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells. Other chapters consider the characteristics of plant cells, which possess the highest degree of subcellular compartmentation of metabolism. This text discusses as well the various transport reactions that are involved in primary metabolic pathways in plants. The final chapter explores the several changes that fruits undergo to reach maturity, including the development of color and aroma, as well as improvements in texture and flavor.
This book is a valuable resource for biologists, plant scientists, and agriculturists.

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