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Dimensions In Health Research: Search For The Medicines Of Tomorrow

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Dimensions in Health Research: Search for the Medicines of Tomorrow is a collection of papers presented at the 1977 Symposium on Dimensions in Health Research: Search for the Medicines of Tomorrow, held in Basel, Switzerland, sponsored by the Roche Research Foundation for Scientific Exchange and Biomedical Collaboration. This symposium is organized in honor to Professor Alfred Pletscher, a known neurobiologist who led the discovery of drugs for the treatment of various central nervous disorders.
This book is organized into three section encompassing 28 chapters. The first section covers the molecular biological aspects of gene expression; the biosynthesis of human interferon; the concept of DNA damage and repair; and the link between advances in molecular genetics and medicine. The second section discusses the pertinent advances in understanding the mechanism of immune system and its components. The third section surveys the trends in pharmacotherapy based on monoaminergic, adenosine triphosphate, gamma-amino butyric acid, amino acid, and peptide mechanisms.
This book will prove useful to researchers in the fields of molecular biology, immunology, and neurobiology.

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