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Soil disinfestation

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Soil Disinfestation considers the effectiveness and necessity of soil disinfestation, while exposing the dangers of various treatments and the ways to overcome them. The book serves as a collection of heterogeneous articles written by a number of research workers in the field of soil science and microbial ecology.

The book is divided into five sections and comprised of 15 chapters that cover the general aspects of standard, physical, chemical, and biological soil disinfestation and the fate of pesticides in the soil. The book discusses the causes and consequences of soil contamination and detection methods. The factors that influence the efficacy of each treatment and the practical application of commonly used pesticides, such as fumigants and fungicides, are also explained in this reference. Some of the contributors also give a critical retrospect about the subjects with speculation about the trends in soil disinfestation.

Microbiologists and research workers in soil science, as well as students and novices in microbiology, pedology, and microbial ecology, will find this book invaluable for their practice and learning.

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