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Optical Fiber Rotation Sensing

347 pages


Optical Fiber Rotation Sensing is the first book devoted to Interferometric Fiber Optic Gyros (IFOG). This book provides a complete overview of IFOGs, beginning with a historical review of IFOG development and including a fundamental exposition of basic principles, a discussion of devices and components, and concluding with industry reports on state-of-the-art activity. With several chapters contributed by principal developers of this solid-state device, the result is an authoritative work which will serve as the resource for researchers, students, and users of IFOGs. State-of-the-art industrial activity reports from British Aerospace, Hitachi, Japan Aviation Electronics, Litton Mitsubishi, and Photonectics Excellent tutorial material to promote basic understanding as well full coverage of advanced theoretical and practical aspects of IFOGs Developments allowing for the upgrading of IFOGs from a sensitive laboratory interferometer to a practical rotation sensor The integration of IFOGs with other sensors into complete systems A discussion of alternative forms of IFOGs Present devices, applications, and projected future users

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