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Subnuclear Components: Preparation and Fractionation

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Subnuclear Components: Preparation and Fractionation focuses on the isolation of subnuclear components of eukaryotic cells.
The book first discusses the isolation of nuclear envelopes from whole tissues. Topics include nuclear envelope in situ; general consideration and evaluation of isolation methods; and nuclear envelope isolation methods. The text describes the isolation of nucleoli, including the isolation of nucleoli from oocytes, nuclei, and physarum, and isolation of plant nucleoli. The book focuses on the preparation, characterization, and fractionation of chromatin. Emphasis is on the preparation of chromatin from interphase and metaphase cells; contaminants of chromatin; characteristics of isolated chromatin; and dissociation and reassociation of chromatin.
The text also discusses fractionation and isolation of histones, including the preparation of individual histone fractions and isolation and purification of the five main histone fractions of calf thymus during one preparation. The book also looks at the preparation and properties of chromatin non-histone proteins, including isolation of nuclear RNA and isolation of DNA from eukaryotic cells.
The selection is a good source of data for readers interested in the isolation of subnuclear constituents of eukaryotic cells.

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