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Quantitative Analysis of Steroids

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Studies in Analytical Chemistry, Volume 5: Quantitative Analysis of Steroids covers the pharmaceutical aspects of the analysis of steroid hormones. This book is divided into nine chapters that examine the biological-clinical analysis of other important groups of steroids, including sterols, vitamin D, bile acids, cardiac glycosides, and sapogenins.

The material in the book is classified according to the main groups of steroids, individual chapters being devoted to sex hormones, corticosteroids, sterols, vitamins D, bile acids, cardiac glycosides, sapogenins, and miscellaneous steroids. The structure of each chapter is the same. In section 1 the fundamentals
of the chemistry of the group of steroids in question are outlined. Section 2 provides a detailed description of the use of various spectroscopic, chromatographic, protein-binding and other methods, while Section 3 deals with the main problems encountered in the analysis of the group of steroids in question and with their solution using the methods described in Section 2.

This book will prove useful to steroid and analytical chemists.

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