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Anglo–American Microelectronics Data 1968–69: Manufacturers A–P

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Anglo-American Microelectronics Data 1968-69, Volume One Manufacturers A-P covers semiconductor integrated circuits, thick and thin film technologies, and constructions outside the semiconductor integrated circuit area which come within the microelectronics range. The book discusses A.B. metal products thick film microcircuits; AMELCO series 16-701/46-701 tentative transistor-transistor logic; and American Micro-Systems B002e low-power logic binary. The book also describes Bunker-Ramo hybrid thin-film techniques; Centralab thick film integrated circuits; and CTS Cermet microelectronics. Elliott-automation; Erie R-C and hybrid integrated circuits; and Ether engineering series 2020 operational amplifiers are also considered. Other topics include Fair Child resistor-transistor micrologic; Hawker Siddeley micropacks; and Plessey SL20 series amplifiers. Designers, buyers, and users of microelectronic devices will find the text useful.

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