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Planning in the Soviet Union

282 pages


Planning in the Soviet Union compiles the result of M. Bernard’s two-month visit to the USSR in 1961, for the purpose of investigating regional planning on behalf of the French Government Planning Office.
This compilation deals with the Soviet planning apparatus, including its organization and administration together with the reforms that have been at work since 1957, furnishing a broad outline of the many economic and social problems forming the essence of Soviet thinking and planning.
This book provides a very clear picture of the complexity of problems involved, particularly with the USSR government battling with the concepts of centralization, decentralization, and in industry between a vertical and horizontal structure.
The topics that include economic growth, investment, location of industry, transport, manpower, use of available local resources, and migration are discussed only in broad outline of the magnitude of problems in the Soviet economic system. The efficiency of investments, choice of criteria, problem of priorities, productivity in highly integrated units, rationalization, specialization, and cooperation are also deliberated in this selection.
This publication is intended for the average informed reader, particularly those who are interested in administering the planning apparatus in the near future.

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