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1965 Transactions of the Third International Vacuum Congress: 28 Jun–2 July 1965, Stuttgart, Germany

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1965 Transactions of the Third International Vacuum Congress, Volume 2 presents the methods for the epitaxial growth of silicon, which makes use of an ultra-thin layer of a silicon alloy on the substrate surface to develop epitaxial layers at temperature as low as 750°C. This book discusses the potential advantages of the technique and the mechanism of the epitaxial growth process.
Organized into four sessions encompassing 42 chapters, this volume starts with an overview of the exact influence of the thin alloy layer. This text then describes the novel X-ray method and its application to semiconductor thin-film problems. Other chapters consider the field of electronic carrier transport in semiconductor films with particular reference to active thin-film devices and their typical behavior. The final chapter deals with the beta-ray single-scatter gauge, which are tested and described in very simple operation.
This book is a valuable resource for physicists and scientists.

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