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Inorganic Ultramicroanalysis: International Series of Monographs on Analytical Chemistry

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Inorganic Ultramicroanalysis focuses on the techniques and experimental methods used in ultramicroanalysis of inorganic compounds. Topics covered include the general apparatus used in the ultramicromethod of chemical analysis, qualitative and quantitative analysis, and methods of separation.
This book consists of six chapters and opens with a review of the special features of the ultramicromethod of chemical analysis, paying particular attention to the use of the law of errors to calculate the limiting quantity of a substance necessary for the performance of chemical operations. The surface area of unit volume in the macro- and ultramicromethods of analysis is also compared. The next chapter deals with the general apparatus used in ultramicroanalysis, including the microscope and micromanipulators, and describes techniques of working with small volumes. The reader is then introduced to qualitative and quantitative analysis and methods of separation such as precipitation and electrolysis. The last chapter discusses future prospects for inorganic ultramicroanalysis.
This monograph is written primarily for inorganic and analytical chemists.

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