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The Teacher and the Needs of Society in Evolution

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The Teacher and the Needs of Society in Evolution deals with the needs of the teacher in an evolving society. Emphasis is placed on the schools' changing context and perspectives, the evolving institutions and methods of education, and response in research and development. The chapters directly relate a rich fund of information and wide sensibility to current discussions undertaken by teachers and other educators everywhere.
This volume consists of 12 chapters organized into three sections and begins with a discussion of the social context and the dynamics of change. It explores changing perspectives in the educational process, the direction schools are already, and the cultivation of skill and the best use of human ability. Inequalities in educational opportunity in Britain today, and the ways in which they may be reduced, are also considered. The next section focuses on the changing role of teachers, their preparation and orientation, the use of new media in education, and future prospects. The role of teachers in research or curricular development is highlighted. The final section examines the evolution in educational thinking, with emphasis on the problem of authority and responsibility in the teaching of the new humanities, the rise in school enrollments, and the hunger for learning.
This book is intended for educators who want to improve their teaching skills for the benefit of society.

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