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Workshop on Mechanisms and Prospects of Genetic Exchange, Berlin, December 11 to 13, 1971: Advances in the Biosciences

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Advances in the Biosciences 8 is a collection of papers presented in a workshop on “Mechanisms and Prospects of Genetic Exchange, sponsored by Schering Pharma AG, held in Berlin, Germany in 1972. The book presents various research works from various scientific disciplines in line with the workshop’s theme.

The workshop is organized into 3 sessions. Session I: Genetic Exchange at the Molecular Level discusses such topics as enzymology of genetic recombination; studies on transcription and ligation of RNA; and expression and integration of viral DNA in animal cells. Session II: Genetic Exchange at the Cellular and Organelle Level covers topics on germinal cell membranes; application of cell fusion techniques to the study of mammalian embryology; and correction of genetic defects in cultured mammalian cells. The last session, titled “Present and Future Application to Medical Practice provides the summary and conclusion of the workshop and certain topics on the therapy of genetic diseases in man and the possible place of genetic engineering; and cellular engineering as an approach to the treatment of genetically determined disease.

Molecular biologists, geneticists, cell biologists, biophysicists, immunologists and other experts in allied fields will find the compendium interesting.

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