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Zoology: Proceedings of the Fiftieth Anniversary Meeting of the Society for Experimental Biology

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Perspectives in Experimental Biology, Volume 1: Zoology contains the proceedings of the 50th Anniversary Meeting of the Society for Experimental Biology, held at the University of Cambridge, UK, on July 16-19, 1974. The papers explore research in zoology and cover a wide range of topics such as osmotic and ionic regulation; invertebrate and insect physiology; respiratory physiology; and cell chemistry.

Comprised of 43 chapters, this volume begins with an introduction to the history of the Society for Experimental Biology, followed by a discussion on calcium metabolism and acid-base balance in Helix pomatia. Subsequent chapters explore water movement in cells and tissues; ion transport and osmoregulation in marine fish; hormonal control of reproduction in cephalopods; and how hormones affect flight in the locust. Other sections focus on the temperature dependence of the respiratory activity of mitochondria; biochemical mechanisms of tissue injury; laser light scattering from nerve and motile cells; transmitter release from insect motoneurons; and neural consequences of early experience in birds. The final section is devoted to animal locomotion and includes chapters that address undulatory swimming in polychaetes and energy storage in jumping animals.

This book is intended for research workers and undergraduates interested in experimental biology.

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