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Britain Observed: A Russian's View

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Britain Observed: A Russian's View focuses on the understanding of the customs, identity, political and social structure, and societal relations of the British.
The book first underscores some of the misperceptions of the British of Russia, the author's country. The text also highlights the experiences of the author when he first arrived in Britain, noting the process of acclimatization that he has undergone.
The manuscript emphasizes the appreciation of the author of the sceneries in England, as the sloping hills, fertile meadows, and village church spires that emerge from the hilltops are mentioned. The author also signifies that England is the kingdom of private life and says that neighbors maintain a certain degree of secrecy, and that they discourage intrusion into their private lives. The text also conveys how the author perceives the structure of the government and how Buckingham Palace influences the functions and operations of the government.
The book is a fine reference for readers who want to learn the traditions, political considerations, and identity of the British.

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