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Innovation for Energy Efficiency: Proceedings of the European Conference, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 15–17 September 1987

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Innovation for Energy Efficiency presents the proceedings of the conference and associated exhibit of the same name, which are organized within the framework of European Conferences on Technology and Innovation, aimed at encouraging innovation and approaches to energy efficiency.
The book is composed of different studies that are presented in this symposium. These studies address different topics about energy, such as the role of the plant manufacturer in the energy market; energy planning; and barriers and opportunities to energy efficiency and conservation. Other topics addressed include policies on energy and the need for them to be updated and the application of these techniques in various areas, such as clothing and housing.
The text is recommended for those who work at energy industries; those who are studying ways to improve energy efficiency; and those who work at government agencies in charge with the regulation and improvement of energy use and its related resources.

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