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Mammalian Cell Membranes: General Concepts

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Mammalian Cell Membranes, Volume 1: General Concepts is a collection of papers that deals on the physical and chemical studies focusing on membrane structure and function.
This collection reviews the interpretation of the anatomy of the mammalian cell, including its separation and cultivation. The different methods of isolation of its surface membrane are then evaluated to bring some understanding of the subject. More descriptions of the various physical techniques adopted to membrane constituents and to cell membrane research, such as nuclear magnetic resonance, electron spin resonance, fluorescence, and flash photolysis spectroscopy are given. Discoveries of mitochondrial DNA and other techniques have increased investigation of the synthesis and components of functional mitochondria, leading to different perspectives on models of membrane structure.
This book can serve the needs of biochemists and microbiologists in advancing their work, research, and understanding of mammalian cell membranes.

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