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Child Psychiatry Observed: A Guide for Social Workers

215 pages


Child Psychiatry Observed: A Guide for Social Workers is based on the experience of a clinical child psychiatrist, who aims to give an overview of child psychiatry.
The book first presents various psychological disturbances as well as its causes. This topic emphasizes the development of psychological disturbances among children since birth, which then develop over time as the child faces various experiences and special cases, such as divorce of the parents, harassment, and separation from the parents. Then, the book gives ideas how to treat a child identified as patient in a clinic, and how the society can help in providing facilities that could help the child recover. The latter part gives an insight into the future of child psychiatry.
The text will be invaluable to counselors, child psychiatrists, psychologists, and practitioners in related fields. Parents and students will also benefit from the book.

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