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The Economics of Israel: The Commonwealth and International Library: Social Administration, Training, Economics, and Production Division

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The Economics of Israel provides information pertinent to the important features in Israel's economic development, which is the outcome of large-scale capital import. This book discusses the various economic issues that the people of the State of Israel are confronted with, including difficult problems of controlling inflation, diversity of socio-economic structure, and geopolitical isolation.

Organized into eight chapters, this book begins with an overview of Israel's geographical characteristics and natural resources. This text then examines the international economic relations of Israel. Other chapters consider the financial development in Israel since the establishment of the State. This book discusses as well the different elements of economic growth and the dynamic reaction of the economic structure of the immigration country to the process of migration. The final chapter deals with the unusual diversity of the social structure of the economy of Israel.

This book is a valuable resource for readers who are interested in the economics of Israel.

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