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Applying the Assessment Center Method: Pergamon General Psychology Series

256 pages


Applying the Assessment Center Method presents the findings, knowledge, strategies, and applications concerning the assessment center method. This book describes the mechanics and operations of individual assessment centers.
Organized into three parts encompassing 15 chapters, this book begins with an overview of the assessment center method as a means of formally identifying potential. This text then examines the various components which make an assessment center what it is, including a series of characteristics to be measured, a means of measurement, and trained staff to administer and interpret the behaviors. Other chapters consider the empirical base of validation. This book discusses as well administrative cost of assessment centers. The final chapter deals with the trends in assessment at the predictor and criterion end of the selection equation.
This book is a valuable resource for psychologists and managers. Researchers involved in implementing assessment operations in their respective organization will also find this book extremely useful.

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