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Physiology and Behaviour of Marine Organisms: Proceedings of the 12th European Symposium on Marine Biology, Stirling, Scotland, September 1977

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Physiology and Behavior of Marine Organisms covers the proceedings of the 12th European Symposium on Marine Biology, held in University of Stirling, Stirling, Scotland on September 5-12, 1977. This book is organized into six parts encompassing 45 chapters.

The first part deals with metabolism-related topics in marine organisms, including nutrition, enzyme activity, respiration, and physiological adaptation. The succeeding parts consider the mechanism of osmoregulation, ionic transport, biological permeation, and the structure and function of chloride cells in gills. These parts also explore the physiological aspects of marine animals in the water's chemical environment. These topics are followed by discussions of the mechanisms of immobilization and detoxification of heavy metals and other pollutants by marine organisms, as well as the interspecies differences in pollutant tolerance of several marine creatures. The concluding parts look into the behavior, reproduction, and development of other marine animals.

This book will be of great value to marine biologists, physiologists, researchers, and advance students.

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