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Cellular Analogues of Conditioning and Neural Plasticity: Satellite Symposium of the 28th International Congress of Physiological Sciences Szeged, Hungary, 1980

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Advances in Physiological Sciences, Volume 36: Cellular Analogues of Conditioning and Neural Plasticity is a collection of paper that details the various aspects of neural plasticity from various methodological perspectives. The title covers the physiological–morphological and biochemical methods in studying neural plasticity.
The coverage of the text includes topics such as neuroplasticity in the superior cervical ganglion as a consequence of long-lasting inhibition; evidence for remodeling of synaptic contacts in muscles of adult frog; and calcium and presynaptic factors in synaptic plasticity. The selection also covers the regulation of acetylcholine receptors; molecular mechanisms of sensitization and desensitization of ß-receptors connected with adenylate cyclase; and cellular and behavioral studies of learning and memory in simpler systems.
The book will be of great use to neurologists, neurosurgeons, and behavioral scientists.

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