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Immunology in Clinical Medicine

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Immunology in Clinical Medicine is an introduction to immunology in clinical medicine, with emphasis on immunological concepts underlying disease processes. The effect of drugs known to suppress immunological processes are considered especially in relation to whether they operate by really suppressing immunological processes or whether they have other actions.

Comprised of 17 chapters, this book begins with an overview of the nature of the immune response, followed by a discussion on reactionS in the tissues mediated by humoral antibodies. The reader is then introduced to reactions in the tissues caused by the cell-mediated immune response; immunological processes in infective diseases; and the concept of autoimmunity and its relation to disease. Subsequent chapters focus on the immunology of diseases such as cancer, skin diseases, connective tissue diseases, and diseases of the intestinal tract, respiratory tract, liver, and amyloidosis. The final chapter is devoted to the role of the clinical immunologist in patient care and therapy.

This monograph is intended for students and practitioners of clinical medicine.

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