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Cells and Tissues: Physical Techniques in Biological Research

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Physical Techniques in Biological Research, Volume III: Cells and Tissues focuses on physical techniques applied to the study of cells, determining the morphology, chemical characteristics, and functions of the cellular organelles.

This book discusses the microtomy and postdrying treatment of tissues, phase contrast and interference microscopy in cytology, and fluorescence microscopy. The electron microscopy of microorganisms, ultrastructure of layered lipoprotein structures, and techniques for the mass isolation of cellular components are also elaborated. This publication likewise covers the microphotometry with visible light, ultraviolet absorption techniques, and stereoscopic techniques in X-ray microscopy.Other topics include the birefringence and dichroism of cells and tissues, autoradiography at the cellular level, and manometric techniques for single cells.

This volume is a good source for biologists and specialists concerned with the study of cells and tissues.

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