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The Biology of the Blood-Cells: With a Glossary of Hæmatological Terms

418 pages


The Biology of the Blood-Cells presents a critical review of relationships between changes in the blood-forming organs and the blood picture. The book discusses the minute morphology of various blood-cells; the fundamental basis of hemopoiesis of human; and the purpose of the bone marrow as a red-cell factory.
Some of the topics covered in the text are the structures of lymphocytes; the production and functions of neutrophile leucocyte; and the chemical characters of cells. The description of megakaryocyte; the proliferation of cells in the bone marrow; and the metaplastic and allied changes in the bone-marrow are also covered. The book further discusses the development of erythroblast cells; the characteristics of erythrocytes; and the description of reticular substance. The text then looks into the changes in the hemoglobin content and the comparative morphology of the red cells. A chapter is devoted to the metaplastic, metahyperplastic, and aplastic phenomena of erythropoiesis.

The book can provide useful information to hematologists, doctors, students, and researchers.

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