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Neuro-Ophthalmology provides information pertinent to the neuro-ophthalmological examination of the eye. This book discusses the anatomy and function of the eye as well as its various diseases.
Organized into 17 chapters, this book begins with an overview of the various equipment and methods used in the examination of the eye, including the Snellen's test type, a 13 dioptre lens, and electric ophthalmoscope. This text then discusses the principal reactions of the normal pupil, including the direct light reflex, reflex to accommodation, the spino-pupillary reflex, the psychical reflex, the orbicularis reflex, and the oculo-sensory reflex. Other chapters consider the anatomy of the muscles and nerves of the eye as well as it adnexa. This book discusses as well the condition of optic atrophy and its various types. The final chapter deals with the distinction between headache and neuralgia.
This book is a valuable resource for ophthalmic surgeons and ophthalmologists.

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