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Applied Solid State Science: Advances in Materials and Device Research

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Applied Solid State Science: Advances in Materials and Device Research, Volume 6 covers the application of composites in electronic systems. The book discusses different types of composite-composite materials consisting of finely dispersed mixtures of metals and insulators; composite devices in which two distinct semiconductor devices are combined in one package; and composite glass fibers with the core and cladding differing in their optical properties.
The text describes articles dealing with properties that can be achieved in versatile materials; light-emitting diodes and photodetectors that provide optical coupling between separate electronic subsystems; and the physics of III-V compounds used in LEDs and the technology of silicon processing of the photodetectors. Optical communications system and the methods for achieving the transparency of the core and cladding glasses are also looked into. The book further tackles methods of fabricating the fibers and measuring their attenuation, as well as cabling and splicing techniques which have made possible a full-scale field trial of this most promising transmission system. Professionals dealing with semiconductors and electronics engineers will find the book invaluable.

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