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Natural, Metal, Fiber, and Macromolecular Carcinogens: Structural Bases and Biological Mechanisms

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Chemical Induction of Cancer: Structural Bases and Biological Mechanisms, Volume IIIC: Natural, Metal, Fiber, and Macromolecular Carcinogens covers structure-carcinogenicity relationships of carcinogenic mycotoxins, carcinogenic substances generated by plants, carcinogenic metals and metalloids, and foreign-body carcinogens.
The book discusses the metabolism and mechanism of carcinogenic action, physicochemical properties, other biological activities (principally mutagenicity and teratogenicity), modification of carcinogenic activity, formation and environmental significance. The text also describes the carcinogenic water-soluble high polymers and explores the intriguing problems of the carcinogenic effect of osmotic imbalance in tissue microenvironment, as well as of spontaneous malignant transformation occurring in cell cultures in vitro. Studies on tumor induction and carcinogenesis modification by nonviral nucleic acids, by nucleases, proteases, histones, and by antigenic stimulation as well as by antibodies are also considered.
The book further tackles tumor-released factors as possible modifiers of carcinogenesis. The text will prove invaluable to chemists and people involved in cancer research.

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