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Current Topics in Bioenergetics: Volume 10

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Current Topics in Bioenergetics, Volume 10 provides information pertinent to the developments in the study of dynamic mechanisms in functioning muscle by following fluctuations in kinetic states. This book explores the method that permits analysis of cyclic rotational motions in cross-bridge formation and has considerable potential in other bioenergetics systems.

Organized into six chapters, this volume begins with an overview of the structure and function of muscles. This text then examines the bioenergetic aspects of nitrogen fixation. Other chapters consider one aspect of the regulation of the in vivo activity of organelles, namely, the regulation of mitochondrial activities at the level of substrate. This book discusses as well the status of the controversial findings on the proton–oxygen ratios in mitochondria and the mechanism of H+ pumping in oxidative reactions. The final chapter deals with the usefulness of bacterial mutants in the study of cell metabolism.

This book is a valuable resource for biologists and biochemists.

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