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Adolescent and Pre-Adolescent Psychiatry

393 pages


Adolescent and Pre-Adolescent Psychiatry covers the observations, concepts, and treatment approaches for adolescent and pre-adolescent psychiatric cases derived from clinical experience combined with information from the relevant journals. This book is organized into three parts encompassing 19 chapters.
The first chapter describes the examination process of a competent assessment of a patient allowing the most appropriate and effective treatment to follow, while the second chapter presents the diagnostic classifications. The subsequent three chapters survey the normal personality and family functioning and form an essential background to the understanding of disturbed young people. Considerable chapters are devoted to the range of clinical disturbances and diagnostic categories that is seen by child and adolescent psychiatrists. The remaining chapters deal with the factors that affect treatment actions. These chapters also look into the components of psycho, family, group, and drug therapy.
This book will prove useful to psychiatrists, social workers, psychologists, nurses, or members of the teaching profession.

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