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Hydrolytic Reactions: Cobamide and Biotin Coenzymes

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Comprehensive Biochemisty, Volume 16: Hydrolytic Reactions; Cobamide and Biotin Coenzymes treats both the chemistry and function of the coenzymes.

This book discusses the thermodynamic and kinetic aspects of enzyme catalysis, hydrolytic enzymes displaying “active center characteristics, chelation and stereochemical considerations in enzyme catalysis, and biological oxidation mechanisms. The recommendations of the Enzyme Commission of the International Union of Biochemistry and classified list of enzymes are also covered. This publication likewise elaborates the spectral characteristics of the cobamide coenzymes and mode of binding of biotin. Other topics include the classification of carboxyl esterases, structure and reactivity of phosphorylated metabolites, and mechanism of action of chymotrypsin.

This volume is a good reference for biochemists and specialists concerned with enzymes.

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