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Problems of Cell Permeability: International Series of Monographs in Pure and Applied Biology: Modern Trends in Physiological Sciences, Vol. 26

516 pages


Modern Trends in Physiological Science, Volume 26: Problem of Cell Permeability covers expounded sorptional theory of cell permerbeality. The problem of cell permeability deals with the questions connected with the laws of the entrance of substances from the surrounding medium into cells and the excretion from the latter of the products of intracellular metabolism.
This book is composed of 12 chapters and begins with an overview of the chemical composition and structure of cell membrane, as well as the membrane theory of cell permeability. The next chapters treat the issues of cell’s osmometric activity and the physico-chemical properties of protoplasm as a system of coacervates. Considerable chapters are devoted to cell permeability for various substrates, such as non-electrolytes, organic acids, vital dyes, and mineral substances. The concluding chapters discuss the relationship between metabolism and cell permeability; the bioelectric properties of cell; and the protective action of non-electrolytes against live matter damage caused by dilute saline media.
This book will be of value to cell biologists, biochemists, and research workers in cell permeability.

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