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Vapour Growth and Epitaxy: Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Vapour Growth and Epitaxy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 18–21 August 1975

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Vapor Growth and Epitaxy covers the proceedings of the Third International Conference on Vapor Growth and Epitaxy, held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on August 18-21, 1975. This conference highlights the crystal growth aspects of the preparation, characterization, and perfection of thin films of electronic interest.
This book is organized into two sections encompassing 54 chapters. The first section considers the fundamental and applied crystal growth studies of silicon, III-V and II-VI compounds, and magnetic garnets. This section also describes the structure of autoepitaxial diamond films and the morphology of single crystals grown from the vapor phase. The second section deals with nucleation and crystal growth kinetic studies of whiskers and the fabrication of solar cells. This section further surveys the equilibrium, kinetics, and epitaxy in the chemical vapor deposition of silicon compounds.

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